We are very excited to announce the our latest documentary The Last Mile. With the support of TELUS Optik and Creative BC we will begin production this month.

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The Last Mile 

6 diverse individuals are testing their determination, dedication and tenacity as they struggle through immense challenges to actualize their ambitions of completing a long distance triathlon.

Each year hundreds of triathletes test their guts in Penticton during one of the most physically and mentally difficult triathlons, the Penticton Challenge. This year, its thousands. 6000 athletes from 49 countries will gather in August to test their limits to earn the honour of completing this strenuous race on a global stage, at the Multi Sport World Championships.

The long distance triathlon is a race with a goal to finish. Your biggest competition is the clock and the largest obstacle is yourself. Anyone can start a triathlon, it takes a special devotion to complete the last mile. Behind each of these athletes is an incredible and inspiring story. What motivates an individual to spend years training for an event that has the potential to end in the emergency room? Over eight months, The Last Mile follows 6 people with unique motivations and skill levels as they make personal, emotional and physical sacrifices to achieve a goal most wouldn’t dare.