A compilation of “B-roll” that showcase our camera operators talents.

The pen injector is then used to inject the solution subcutaneously (under your skin). THE CAPSULES MUST NOT BE CHEWED, CRUSHED, OR DISSOLVED DUE TO THE RISK OF RAPID RELEASE AND ABSORPTION OF A POTENTIALLY FATAL DOSE OF MORPHINE. Your doctor will also check your skin for any changes during your treatment http://www.italia-farmacia.com/. Hydrocortisone; pramoxine should be used with caution in patients with diabetes mellitus.

An awareness campaign produced for Kelowna’s Inn from the Cold organization.

A “love story” video produced to show at Nic and Bri’s beautiful wedding reception.

Intro for our televised documentary series “Through the Northern Lens”

A video produced for Canadian Music Week to honour Betty Selin, recipient of the Rosalie Award.